Midget lead line events

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General Rules:

  1. The events will include:
    1. Clover leaf barrels
    2. Straight away barrels
    3. Poles: 4 pole pattern
    4. Stakes
    5. Flag: Rider will circle the barrel and place a flag in the bucket
    6. Goat Ribbon Pull: Rider will dismount at the starting line, race to the goat and remove the ribbon then race back across a finish line. Rider and horse will then exit the arena.
  2. All 6 events will be setup in the Arena at the same time.
  3. The patterns will be smaller to accommodate the events in the Arena
  4. The entry to each pattern will be marked with a cone. A worker / official at the beginning of each event will point the way.
  5. When a rider completes an event they will proceed to the next event.
  6. A rider must not enter a pattern until the previous rider has cleared the pattern.

Stake Racing (All age groups except LL.)

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Event Rules:

  • A contestant will be allowed legitimate time between entering the arena and crossing the start line. The Judge will determine what that time is.

Once the timer starts, the horse and rider must maintain forward motion at all times. A loss of forward motion will result in a No Time.

The electric eyes are not used in this event. Timing shall begin as soon as the horse’s nose passes between the orange cones and is flagged by the Judge. Time will be stopped when the horse’s nose passes between the orange cones and is flagged by the Judge.

Two poles are set up using the 2nd and 5th pole of the pole event pattern.

Two cones will be set 20 foot apart in the middle of the poles. The cones are set in the middle of the pattern, which is the start and finish line of the pattern.

The rider is allowed a running start and may begin the run from either the left or right side of the 1st pole and commences a figure 8 pattern.

  • The riders’ time starts by crossing the centerline between the upright markers, then around the 1st pole and runs back across the finish line to round the 2nd pole, and then back to the centerline to finish.

  • The rider must start and finish between the marker cones. Failing to do so will result in a no-time. Running over the cone is considered a no time.

  • Knocking a pole down will add a 5 second penalty to their time.
    • If a pole is knocked over and stands back up on its’ own it is still considered knocked over and the 5 second penalty applies. The contestant is allowed to touch the pole to stop it from falling over.

The contestant must maintain forward motion. A broken pattern is defined as breaking forward motion to retrace their tracks to finish the pattern or the horses’ nose passing the plane of the pole on the off/wrong side. A broken pattern will receive a no time.

  • Rider must stay in between the cones going from pole to pole. Does not matter how wide your turns are, just that you stay in between the cones going to your next pole.

  • Riders will exit the arena at the side gate.


  1. Reruns are granted by the Judge.
  2. No rerun will be given after the clock starts due to faulty or broken equipment furnished by contestant.
  3. The battery digital clock will be the first backup time and the digital hand held stopwatch will be the second backup time.
  4. If the primary timer and backup timer fail, and a rerun is granted by the Judge, any penalties incurred from either run are applied to the rerun.